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Adrian Bo & Nic Fren collab to bring a supercharged new training platform to the industry

Renowned real estate and business coach, Adrian Bo, has collaborated with media and marketing expert, Nic Fren, to launch a groundbreaking platform that promises to revolutionise the industry.

The highly-anticipated platform, named the Adrian Bo & Nic Fren Academy Hub, was unveiled this week, delivering a unique combination of coaching and media resources, aimed at transforming the way real estate professionals acquire knowledge and expertise.

According to Mr. Fren, the collaboration is a natural progression of Nic & Adrian’s longstanding friendship and mutual professional admiration.

"Adrian and I have often found ourselves referring clients to each other due to the overlap in our fields," he shared. "This collaboration became inevitable."

Recognising the growing demand for modern, user-friendly coaching and training solutions, Mr. Fren explains that the Academy Hub meets these needs perfectly. "People are seeking a fresh, contemporary approach to receive coaching and training," he stated. "Our platform provides exactly that."

"We've taken the very best from what each of us do and put it in the one place," he said. The tools in there are practical & easily actioned" Mr Fren continues, highlighting that one of the key tutorials that's been brought over to the platform is one of his own lead generation tutorial videos, that teaches agents how to create social media lead generation campaigns that work, in under 5 minutes.

Mr Bo further emphasised the core value proposition of the Academy Hub. "At its heart, our offering is all about adding value to agents, associates and business owners by offering literally hundreds of templates, tutorials, coaching tips, social media resources and so much more ," he affirmed.

"Our platform allows real estate professionals to actively shape the content and support they receive."

Hub members will benefit from years of experience, proven solutions and also have the unique opportunity to request specific needs & in response, we will provide curated, tailor-made content, resources, and guidance derived directly from member feedback.

"This program represents a paradigm shift in how real estate professionals approach media, marketing, and business coaching," declared Mr. Bo.

Furthermore, members will have access to Adrian Bo’s well established 4 x Module Master Class and Nic Fren’s hugely successful media platform.


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