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Bespoke Media Announces Personalised Santa Videos To Light Up The Festive Season

As the festive season approaches, Bespoke Media is revolutionising holiday cheer with an extraordinary initiative that promises to amplify the spirit of Christmas for children everywhere.

With a direct line to the North Pole, the agency has orchestrated a heartwarming collaboration with Santa Claus to deliver personalised videos, bringing the magic of the season directly to young hearts.

Bespoke Media CEO Nic Fren champions the initiative as not just a way to spread joy but also as an opportunity for communities and businesses to engage authentically while bolstering their brand presence.

"Christmas is a time for celebration and community engagement," Mr Fren enthuses. "These personalised videos from Santa not only give back to our communities but also foster stronger connections within our local markets."

An example of the message that Santa will be recording.


Drawing from extensive experience working with numerous agents on Christmas marketing campaigns, Mr. Fren advocates an early start. "The key is to begin now," he emphasises. "By preparing in advance—be it planning social media campaigns, stocking Santa letters, or organising festive competitions—businesses can ensure a seamless and delightful experience for all involved."

Bespoke Media has made this video available to download and grants permission to share it.


In a bid to maintain the holiday spirit and goodwill, Bespoke Media has shared these suggestions & tools, focusing on spreading joy while gently including brand recognition. Mr Fren recommends encouraging participants to tag their organisation when sharing content on social platforms. Splashing your logo all over the video may not be the best tactic for this strategy, but perhaps adding it at the end if you wish. Keeping in mind, that this is for children.

To further support this joyous initiative, the Bespoke Media Group has curated Christmas and New Year social media templates, providing a seamless way for businesses to maintain their brand identity while joining in the festive celebrations.

Santa Claus himself advocates initiating the promotion for personalised videos now, setting a deadline of December 1st to ensure ample time for video creation and distribution, allowing eager parents to receive these enchanting messages promptly.

This remarkable endeavor aims to unite communities in an extraordinary and heartwarming season, spreading the warmth and happiness of the holidays. Stay connected for updates and forthcoming announcements to be a part of this magical experience.

If you would like to purchase a message from Santa video. Please click here.


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