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Bespoke Media Group's latest announcement signals a new era of competition

Bespoke's latest announcement to license their brand and expand into other industries is an exciting development in the world of marketing, and this move will no doubt shake up the competition, as Bespoke aims for substantial growth in the new year.

Announcing plans to license their brand to existing or upcoming business owners, Bespoke will be able to tap into new industries and markets, allowing it to reach a larger customer base with its services. As well as broadening its customer base, this move will also allow the firm to offer more comprehensive solutions and new ideas throughout all industries.

"This is an exciting time for us," says Bespoke chief executive Nic Fren, who this week took to social media to announce the group had reached their goal of 850 members internationally.

With sights set on expansion into other industries such as buyer agents, finance and recruitment, this may signal a shakeup for many of these respective markets.

"It’s my hope we can help talented players in this space," he says. "For instance, smaller businesses with fewer resources could benefit from having access to an established platform & brand that can help them reach potential customers, without having to invest heavily into setting up their own systems or networks."

With Bespoke Media Group’s dominance in the market and brand recognition, upcoming or existing business owners will now be able to leverage their existing infrastructure and will be able to make an impact by increasing efficiency and providing more options for customers.

Founded in 2018, with a mission to provide a platform for agents and brokers to manage their daily content & offer the latest education and training in social & digital marketing.

The team at Bespoke Media Group understands that time is money when it comes to running a successful real estate business.

The aim has always been to provide members with an efficient platform they can use to increase productivity, reduce wasted time and costs, and help them reach more customers faster with strong brand presence.

By providing an efficient solution with our agent portal, we've have been able to save members time which has allowed them to focus on building relationships with clients rather than spending countless hours trying to create content or come up with marketing strategies that work.

"As a result of our training and education, our members are better equipped for success in today’s digital world," says Mr Fren

The company continues to be a leader in the real estate industry, having recently taken out the coveted award of Best Social Media App or Tool and Best Use of YouTube at this year's Social Media Marketing Institute awards.

It remains to be seen what kind of changes this new venture will bring but it certainly looks like it will shake up some existing markets!

Written by Bespoke Media Group


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