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I don't know what to post/send out

It happens to the best of us. 

There are times when my mind just goes blank and I’ve no idea what to send out to my social media channels or database.

It’s not due to a lack of inspiration or material. I’ve probably got a years worth of content just sitting there.

It’s more to do with how quickly this world moves and how dated content can become. What was relevant or what I was feeling last week may not have the same impact today.

Marketing is an ever changing world and just staying up to date is a full time job but what I have found extremely helpful for myself and my clients is to follow a simple formula & strategy.

I know right, another marketer using those words algorithms, formulas, artificial intelligence. 

Let’s break it down to a very simple technique I like to use called planning. 

Real estate is fast paced industry, we all know that and things happen on a whim. It’s also a results driven business so it’s really important to avoid the real estate roller coaster on your social media and database marketing. Flooded one week then a drought for a month. 

Let’s look at a month content planner to get you started. You will find it easier to navigate by having set days for set content. 

Without thinking too hard I can think of at least 27 pieces of content that you can use right now to get your socials pumping.

Let’s break that month down into weeks/days with this example; 

Mondays  - Inspirational quote (not the best day to be posting so don’t waste your best content) 

Tuesday - Testimonial. Either current or past. 

Wednesday - Property of the week. 

Thursday - Weekend open homes (avoid the flood of everyone doing them on Friday) 

Friday - Another dead day for posting. Instead of sending out just your open homes eDM why not ad a few fun things to do in your local area on the weekend as well. A great way to engage with local business. 

Saturday - Selfie or open home shot. 

Sunday - Something fun like a day at the beach or with family. 

There you have it. That’s a very quick 30 posts or so and you only need 4 versions of each. How quick do you think you knock those up? I’d say in 20 minutes max. 

Ad in some success stories like just listed, sold and leased as well as some of the other 27 ideas I have and you will have way to much that you will be posting 2/3 times a day. 

The number one thing to remember is not to over complicate it. I see people so determined to get the right picture or wait until they get their hair cut or a different colour shirt that they end up never putting content out. 

As always, the team and I are here to help if we can be of assistance getting your online platform performing. 

Nic Fren


Bespoke Media Management

Nic Fren was the first real estate agent to list and sell property through Facebook back in 2015 in Sydney.

With a combined 23 properties listed/sold & leased through social media marketing, Nic is the one to talk to about turning social media posts into sales.


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