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Agent Praises TikTok For Buyer Interest In Property Sale With Over 130,000 Views

The transformative power of social media in the real estate industry came to the forefront as a dilapidated property in Ranui, New Zealand, witnessed a remarkable journey from neglect to auction-stage limelight, all thanks to a single revealing TikTok video.

Ray White real estate agent Kristina Walsh's video unveiled the distressing state of the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house, igniting a frenzy of online discussions and captivating over 130,000 viewers.

The video not only spotlighted the property's dire condition but also sparked widespread interest and speculation, underscoring the influential role that TikTok and social media play in generating buzz and engaging prospective buyers in the realm of real estate.

Ms Walsh's revealing TikTok video laid bare the neglected state of the property, capturing the attention and sparking discussions among social media users.

The distressing interior and exterior of the abandoned house, decorated with graffiti and marred by patches of mold emerging from beneath the surfaces, highlighted the daunting task that awaits the new owner.

The property's interior unveiled a grim scene, with the kitchen counter shrouded under a blanket of deceased insects and the pantry filled with decaying food and faded cereal boxes, setting the tone for the rest of the disheveled house.

Trash heaps, dirty clothing, broken furniture, and unsettling sights such as stained pillows and torn curtains portrayed the eerie ambiance within the rooms, urging various reactions from the online audience.

Ms Walsh shed light on several key factors influencing the unexpected selling price, citing the dynamic shifts in the real estate market over the past six months.

Increased investor and developer activity, in contrast to a previous low point, alongside the property's location outside the flood-affected area, contributed to maintaining its value.

The strategic campaign and marketing efforts aimed at creating a competitive bidding environment for the property's sale. Ms Walsh explained the challenges in pricing such a unique property, ultimately leading to the decision to employ an auction as the most suitable method for the sale.

Emphasising the significance of social media in real estate advertising, Ms Walsh highlighted the demand for authentic, unfiltered content on platforms like TikTok.

She noted New Zealanders' interest in renovation projects and their inclination to engage in discussions about properties in similar conditions.

The TikTok video, amassing almost 130,000 views, garnered a spectrum of reactions, with users expressing shock, humor, and varying opinions about the property's condition and potential value.

As the auction unfolded, over 20 registered bidders participated, surprising many with the eventual sale price.

The comments and engagement on the video played a role in the outstanding turnout, showcasing the market response and the enthusiasm among prospective buyers.

The surprising auction outcome left many New Zealanders captivated and eager to witness the transformation of this distressed property.

Speaking on the success of her social media, Ms Walsh commented to Bespoke Media Group that she attributes this achievement to two years of dedicated effort on social media, where she carved her unique path, engaging her audience by seamlessly blending property insights, market updates, and her own vibrant personality.


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