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Bespoke Media Group Surpasses 1,000 Members Globally

In the realm of social media, Bespoke Media Group, guided by the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Nic Fren, has reached an extraordinary milestone by surpassing the 1,000 members mark on a global scale.

As we celebrate this unparalleled achievement, Mr Fren, in an exclusive interview, unveils the riveting story of Bespoke's ascent—a journey that defied expectations and culminated in the establishment of an international powerhouse.

"This was the business that was never supposed to happen, however when it did, everyone was like, well it's about time" - Nic Fren.

From Side Hustle to Global Authority

Nic Fren, an agent of 19 years inadvertently became a trailblazer in social media marketing when he began marketing real estate in 2012. "It just wasn't done in those days and then I went on to become the first agent in Australia to list & sell property using social media back in 2015. I don't think I was doing things particualr well by today's standards, but I was doing them. Keep in mind this is a time before Instagram became popular here in Australia."

Reflecting on the inception of Bespoke Media Group, Mr Fren reveals, "I was content selling real estate and having fun on social media until agents started seeking my expertise. What began as a side hustle evolved into a full-blown global entity within a mere six months."

Mr Fren attributes the rapid success to Bespoke's audacious authenticity. "I've always defied conventions on social media," he asserts, emphasising that the unconventional and genuine nature of his marketing strategy catapulted him into a league of his own.

Shattering Conventions with Word-of-Mouth Dominance

In a departure from conventional marketing tactics, Bespoke Media Group refrained from elaborate promotional campaigns. Mr Fren proudly declares, "I never formally launched Bespoke; it all happened organically through word of mouth. We didn't even have a website for 6 months."

Mr Fren's track record in real estate marketing on social media acted as a catalyst for Bespoke's meteoric rise.

"My success thrives on authenticity. I've always stayed true to myself, and it evidently resonates. There have been times where that has rubbed some people the wrong way, but that comes with the turf" Mr Fren adds, underscoring the influential impact of genuine engagement in the digital landscape.

Pandemic-Induced Metamorphosis

"Covid, wasn't that a fun time" he says. Bespoke faced unforeseen challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr Fren acknowledges the initial concerns during the lockdown, when the company's primary focus was social media management and content creation.

However, a strategic pivot into training and education proved transformative. he states.

"In the initial 48 hours of lockdown, uncertainty loomed. We swiftly adapted our thinking and restructed our agent portal which had only been released weeks earlier.

The Bespoke Agent Portal, hailed as the 2022 Best Social Media App or Tool by the Social Media Institute of Australia & New Zealand, played a pivotal role in the company's global expansion. Mr Fren reflects on its inception, stating, "Looking back at the first design and concept of the portal makes me cringe" he says, "but there was literally NOTHING like it in the industry, and there still isn't."

The Bespoke Agent Portal quickly gained international interest and expanded the groups footprint to New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. "EVERYONE was in the same boat, globally & we had a platform that was of value to everyone regardless of which marketplace, state, region or country. The fundamentals are the same for everyone.

Accolades and Reflections: A Trailblazer's Evolution

Nic Fren's innovative contributions to the industry were recognized in the past twelve months, where he was honored as one of the top trainers, innovators, and marketing professionals by Real Estate Business at their 2023 Gala awards.

Currently a finalist for the 2024 awards, Mr Fren acknowledges the continuous evolution of the Bespoke Agent Portal, ensuring it remains the pinnacle platform for marketing and branding education.

"I think the most important thing to me about our platform & I guess this is why it's been so well recieved is that everything in it is about & for the members. We go to great lengths to ensure the content, training & education are of actual value to agents, businesses and networks. We have that genuine desire to see our members flourish and I suppose that comes through in our work," he says.

A Glance Back and a Gaze Forward: The Entrepreneurial Odyssey

While celebrating the monumental achievement of 1,000 members, Mr Fren remains resolutely focused on the future. "For every success, there have been as many failures," he reflects. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, Mr Fren views failures as invaluable learning experiences.

As Bespoke Media Group envisions diversification into other industries, Mr Fren is excited about empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. "The brand is not just strong; it is internationally recognised with a stellar reputation," he asserts.

The company is poised to share its unparalleled platforms, enabling others to launch businesses under the prestigious Bespoke Media Group umbrella.

From a humble side hustle to a global juggernaut is an awe-inspiring testament to the power of authenticity, adaptability, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

As the company charts its course forward, the 1,000-member milestone not only showcases its commitment to innovation but also solidifies its position as a transformative force in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, education & training in the real estate world.


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