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Bespoke Media Launches Complete Media & Marketing Solution for the Finance & Broker Industry

Australia - Bespoke Media, one of Australia’s leading marketing agencies, has responded to the growing demand for a comprehensive media and marketing solution in the finance and broker industry.

The company, which has a proven track record in providing media and marketing services for real estate, is expanding its offerings to the broker industry.

After five successful years of working with over 1,000 agents globally, Bespoke Media is now poised to provide broker businesses with everything they need to succeed in a highly competitive space.

"The broker industry is a highly competitive space, and it's essential for businesses to have a strong online presence to attract and retain clients,” said Nic Fren, founder and CEO of Bespoke Media. "We have created a one-stop-shop that offers ready-made social media content, pre-written articles, SMS and emails, training, and education in the space, as well as the ability to offer lead generation campaigns.

Our model is the only one of its kind and has been built to encapsulate all areas of marketing, while keeping it affordable for both large corporations and small businesses."

Bespoke Media has taken the guesswork out of social media and marketing for brokers, providing everything they need to succeed in one place, including the hashtags to use.

Whether brokers are looking for the perfect social media post, an email that will get opened, or an article that will be read, Bespoke Media has written it all for them.

"Our emphasis is on providing value so our clients win more business in the field, and that’s evident in our training," said Mr. Fren. "I built this system to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed, without needing a massive marketing budget.

We don't expect our members to be social media or marketing gurus, which is why we’ve literally created everything, right down to the hashtags to use, to ensure brokers can get great quality content out there without having to think about it."

For more information or to schedule an phone call, please contact Bespoke Media.


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