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Bespoke Releases 2024 Marketing Calendar A Month Early After Members Requested It

Bespoke Media Group has unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 marketing calendar recently, after calls from members seeking the strategy early, to prepare for 2024.

We had it ready to go says Founder & CEO Nic Fren, and I must say, I've been really impressed by our members who are looking to get their strategies in place already.

But it's not just social media content that the agency is providing, nor is it difficult to navigate.

"We've made it so easy to follow this year" he says stating that "there's LITERALLY a task to do EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year. Whether that's an email blast, an SMS alert, social media ad, social media content or letter box drops, we've done it all & written it all, agents/agencies/networks just need to hit the go button.

This strategic move aims to empower our members within the real estate industry to make the most out of the upcoming weeks, setting the stage for a successful and impactful 2024.

In a recent statement, Mr Fren, emphasised the importance of planning and positioning for success, providing real estate agents with a roadmap to maximise their exposure not just during the upcoming break but also in the critical early months of the new year.

The Call to Action

"We all want to come out of the gates with a bang," he says highlighting the collective desire within the real estate industry for a strong start to the year.

He encourages real estate professionals to capitalise on the present moment by engaging in simple yet highly effective actions that can significantly boost their visibility and success.

Strategic Planning for Maximum Exposure

According to Mr Fren, the key to success lies in meticulous planning.

The Bespoke Agent Portal offers a comprehensive template within its platform, covering various aspects such as social media, print marketing, email, and SMS campaigns.

In addition to these resources, the agency provides valuable training, education, and strategy coaching to its members, creating a well-rounded approach to real estate marketing.

"The agents I see really succeed are the ones who position themselves for success," notes Mr Fren, underlining the importance of proactive positioning within the competitive real estate landscape.

By leveraging Bespoke Media Group's extensive resources, agents can align themselves strategically, increasing their chances of achieving remarkable success in the dynamic market.

Level Up Your Presence

As the year draws to a close, Bespoke Media Group invites real estate professionals to take advantage of their expertise and resources.

The CEO urges agents to seize the opportunity to level up their presence and finish 2023 on a strong note.

By doing so, real estate professionals position themselves for a prosperous 2024, armed with the best possible chances for success.

Connect with Bespoke Media Group Today

For those eager to enhance their real estate marketing strategies and make a significant impact in 2024, Bespoke Media Group extends an invitation to start a conversation today.

Whether it's refining social media tactics, optimizing print marketing, or honing email and SMS campaigns, Bespoke Media Group have the tools instantly available to guide real estate professionals towards a future of success.


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