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I'm not selling until 2024, so how will you engage and connect with me on social media

I'm not planning on selling my property until 2024, so what value can you as an agent give me in 2023?

This is something I'd encourage all agents and business owners to think about as they put their marketing plan together for the year, says Bespoke Media's CEO, Nic Fren.

"Not everyone is going to be in sales mode this year," he says "and for the few dozens of homes that might sell in a certain marketplace, there's thousands of people who are not engaging or connecting with you, simply because you aren't adding value to them."

According to the social media expert, agents can expect the costs of marketing on social media platforms to rise this year. This is because of two reasons.

1) We are at the mercy of the platforms and their rising costs. You are looking at a few extra dollars a day, as a minimum on these platforms, compared to the same time last year. While this may not seem a lot, when you look at all the platforms agents are using, it adds up over time.

2) The amount of ads going out has increased significantly over the past 12 months, so to stay top of mind, it comes down to who has a bigger marketing budget.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Engaging content is just as beneficial to a lead generation strategy than out laying a huge budget.

"It's going to be an interesting year for real estate" says Mr Fren "and that's what owners want to know about. They want to know, like and trust you before calling you in and here's my top tips to grow your platforms and engage your audience."

1. Provide helpful tips – Offer your followers helpful advice related to home ownership or the real estate market. For example, you could provide tips on how to choose the right home inspector or what questions to ask when buying a home.

2. Share success stories – When someone has a great experience with your services, share their story! Letting people know about the great work you do will help build trust and loyalty among potential clients.

3. Share photos of listings – People love looking at photos of homes for sale, so use this as an opportunity to show off your listings. Make sure each photo is good quality and shows off the best aspects of each listing.

4. Feature local businesses – Become a source of information for those in your area by featuring local businesses in posts and stories. People love learning more about their community and what makes it special so take advantage of this opportunity to become an expert on all things local!

5. Engage with other agents/industry colleagues – Reach out to other agents or industry colleagues in your area and start conversations about topics related to real estate such as trends or new technologies being used in the industry. This will help build relationships with other professionals who may be able to refer clients or even collaborate together in the future!

6. Host Q&A sessions – Encourage engagement from followers by hosting regular Q&A sessions where people can ask questions related to real estate or home ownership and get answers from experienced professionals like yourself!

7. Promote events – If there are any upcoming events happening near you such as open houses or seminars about homeownership, promote them on social media! You never know who might see it and decide they want to attend!

8. Offer virtual tours – Take advantage of video technology by offering virtual tours of homes listed with you! This is especially useful during times when people don’t feel comfortable visiting physical open houses, during winter months or simply for the convenience of people being able to inspect a property from their lounge.

9. Share resources & articles - Keep up with current trends by sharing relevant resources & articles related to homeownership & real estate that could be helpful for potential buyers & sellers alike! Not only will it help keep your profile active but it could also provide valuable insight into different topics that potential customers wouldn’t otherwise know about if not for seeing it from you first hand!

10 Create polls/surveys - Engage with followers by creating polls & surveys related to homeownership & real estate that can give insights into different topics such as what features buyers are looking for most in homes today or what amenities neighborhoods should prioritize when designing new developments etc... These polls/surveys could also provide useful data which can be used later down the road when marketing new listings!

Adding value through social media doesn’t have to mean selling something every time you post something online.


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