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Over 500 reasons to become a bespoke member today

Looking to level up your marketing strategy? We've over 500 ways to help you. Here are just some of the recent updates in our award winning agent portal.

We have everything ready for you to download, edit or copy & paste.

Ready to use articles, SMS, prospecting letters, social media posts, video ideas & email alerts PLUS training and education on how to put these in place for maximum results.

Email, SMS, Prospecting Letters, Social Media Posts & Video Ideas

We've written the articles and the SMS, we've even created the social media tiles to go with each individual tip.

10 things to consider when selling your home

9 steps to create a lead generation campaign 10 ways to improve the value of your home by renovating What a buyer should look for when buying an investment property 10 reasons why buyers can miss out on their dream home

15 reasons why a buyer must get a pest & building report done 20 things a first home buyer can do to save for a home 20 ways for a landlord to increase their rent 27 reasons why styling plays such a huge part in selling your home

Property coming to your neighbourhood soon

RBA announcement

Are you nervous to buy your first home

Getting more leads

We've written the lead generation captions, so you don't have to. Simply copy and paste onto your social media channels or in ads manager. We've even created social media images for each tip.

Top social media lead generation captions to find sellers Top social media lead generation captions to find landlords

Top social media lead generation captions to find commercial sellers

How to find ready to go NOW sellers & obtain their details for FREE

How to find ready to go NOW landlords & obtain their details for FREE

50 lead generation ideas for sales agents

50 lead generation ideas for property managers

50 lead generation ideas for commercial agents

50 lead generation ideas for strata agents

First home buyers, showing vendors how hard you work on social media

20 email headings that are sure to get your emails opened

Ad value to your property for less than $5,000

10 SMS captions to help you win more business

Listing Presentation Material Make every second count

How to use our social media results to win the listing

A perfect listing presentation plan

50 questions to ask a home seller in a presentation

How we will use social media to sell your home

Scripts & Dialogues Telephone script for after an open home Telephone script to a private seller/landlord

Advise of a neighbour selling

Cold calling your patch

Prospecting letters Out of town owners

Introducing a buyer agent

Introducing a new agent For sale by owner For sale by owner advice Expired listing Low inventory alert Buyers already showing interest Neighbour invite to auction Free market appraisal letter

The NEW look letterbox drop that ALL agents should be using

Webinars & Training Where you can find listings RIGHT NOW The ultimate lead generation campaign masterclass - coming Master your mindset with Hermione Hart How to recruit top talent using social media How a camera shy person can nail video What to do if you have been hacked on Facebook

9 ways to become an attraction agent on social media

Rethink recruitment with retention in mind

How to make candidates feel welcome in a job interview

Are Saturday Facebook lives a waste of time?

How first home buyers can prepare for Auction


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